Mission & Approach

At Marzocco, we have an inhouse team of young, dynamic architects, guided by an experienced leader throughout the entire process, from developing the global concept of a project and defining the landscape and territorial context through to the specifics of the architectural vision itself.

Our approach is to add value to prestigious historical properties by restoring them with care and repurposing them in a way that recovers and showcases their special characteristics. The end result is not only a tourist-friendly venue, but a 360-degree experience based on rediscovering and sharing the authentic soul of centuries-old places.

As such, we devote time to studying the history of every building that makes up a project, ensuring that we comply with any applicable conservation orders and regulations regarding listed buildings, and develop our designs accordingly, always with the clear goal of preserving the heritage of a property.

Our designs respect the original structure, leaving scope for any work carried out to be undone if necessary, meaning any interventions are not irrevocable in the long term. At the same, however, we understand that hospitality venues call for certain modern-day comforts, technology and amenities, and these are integrated in to every design.

Our aim is to bring out the potential of every single building and allow it to retell the story of its origins without imposing pre-established templates or approaches. That way, we believe that guests will enjoy an experience that goes beyond functional accommodation, but also touches their emotions and emerges them in another time and culture.