The Lowenstein Family

The origins of a dynasty

Born in Argentina in the mid-twentieth century to families of European origin, Alfredo and Diana Lowenstein grew up and met in Buenos Aires, marrying in 1967. Alfredo, the youngest of three brothers, began his career working the family business at the age of eighteen.

His father was a role model for him, teaching him about entrepreneurial vision, moral integrity and the need for perseverance to achieve one’s goals.

Together they built a business that led the meat export sector and employeed over 5000 people. By the Nineties, however, Argentina’s social and political instability drove the entire family, which by then included children Diego, Paula, Flavia and Carla, to move to Miami. The city remains the family base today.

One Family, Many Talents

Every member of the family contributes their own particular talent and area of expertise to the business’s success in acquiring, developing and managing residential and hospitality-focused properties. At the inauguration of the Ritz-Carlton in Miami in 2020, Diego Lowenstein, Managing Director of Lionstone Development, gave an example: “Thanks to her artistic prowess, my mother Diana helped us define a new design for this hotel, one that doesn’t reflect

traditional ideas of luxury, but renews it in a special way by placing works of art by young artists throughout the various spaces in such a way that they create a sensation of perfect harmony.” And so it is that the entire family grew up understanding that no matter how diverse their skill set, they can offer something to the business.